Lieutenant  Morrs,  Steve

[2nd of 2yr.Term]

1- Attending 75% of the Events & Meetings is mandatory, to maintain any Officer's postion.

2-           A - = Aroostook County                   C - = Canada

3- 'Click' on any underlined first Name, to send them an e-mail directly!

4- Have a nice photo of yourself you'ld like us to use? Send it, and we'll try to put it in for you.

5- Please inform of any problems, changes, corrections and/or additions to the Web-Master.



Sergeant  Dudley,  A - Paul

[2nd of 2yr.Term]

Corporal  Smith,  Paul

[2nd of 2yr.Term]

Corporal  Brochu,  Tim

[1st of 2yr.Term]


























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